101 Finance Bridging loan provides you with an opportunity of long-term borrowing, this can be used as an alternative to mortgage. We are aware that every individual face different obstacle that’s why our expects have designed a unique strategy that provides everyone with equal opportunity and access to finance. As a company we use a creatively customized approach to property purchase. We offer staged financing as a solution to acquire property asset, providing assurance to our clients during the process.

Our aim is to deliver support to individuals that are looking for an alternative to mortgage or individuals that are ineligible for mortgage, due to old age, poor credit history, employment status or other issues. We are driven to fill the gap in the market that isolates individuals due to circumstantial issues and provide them with an alternative option to lending.


“101 finance can help you purchase a property without tying down your money.“

If you are looking for a Bridging Loan to finance your Property Purchase, please contact us, our specialists are here to help you make the right decision.


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