At 101 Finance we are looking for diverse way to support your goals and add value to your portfolio, we provide a wide range of finance and loan terms to make your vision a reality. We pride in our client’s success, therefore, aim to provide non- circumstantial support and commitment that our customers rely on.

Borrowers can apply as individuals, sole traders and companies, with no minimum credit score, proof of income or a personal guarantor.  We provide loans based on equity finance, which provides you with hassle free solution backed up through your asset.

Types of refurbishment we offer:

Refurbishment projects / upgrades Renovations Extensions Loft
Ground floor extensions Barn conversions Basements Mixed-use


Refurbishment projects are popular in the UK for many reasons:

  • Potential to add tens of thousands of pounds to the overall value.
  • Property investment can deliver significant capital growth – particularly newly refurbished properties.
  • Provide a higher source of rental income for buy-to-let and HMO properties.
  • Turning your property into home you dream off.

If you are looking to finance your refurbishment project, please contact us, our specialists are here to help you make the right decision.


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