Our clients benefit from our widespread networking with over 30 reputable lenders available to our disposal, allowing us to find a quick solution to your needs. We have acquired our leading position through consistency and dedication to our customers and by working with responsible lenders that understand the value of client satisfaction.

When properties are purchased at auction it is a requirement to pay a 10% deposit on the day and sign a legally binding contract which ensures you will pay the remaining 90% of the loan within a 14 or 28-day time frame. Our service guarantees fund transfer within 5- 14 days, giving you confidence when bidding for properties.

A key benefit of the type of bridging loan is that it is not always based on the potential borrower’s income or credit like a mortgage – the lender will not usually require the proof of employment history or business plans dependent on the exit route, which makes the process of this type of loan must faster. We will provide you a great finance arrangement for when you choose to purchase at an auction including uninhabitable properties providing you with time and flexibility to renovate the property before finding long-term financial solution.


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